# Yutao Yan: email: tao[at]yutaoyan[dot]com ## Who am I? Currently working in Control Gap Inc as software developer, mostly deal with internal tools and some other interesting project. Teaching Assistant in UTM for [CSC409 - Scalable Computing](https://student.utm.utoronto.ca/calendar/course_detail.pl?Depart=7&Course=CSC409H5) for the upcoming fall term. 2018 Sep - Dec, 2019 Sep - Dec Teaching Assistant in UTM for [CSC309 - Programming on the Web](https://student.utm.utoronto.ca/calendar/course_detail.pl?Depart=7&Course=CSC309H5) 2018 Jan - Apr Graduated from University of Toronto Mississauga with two Major in Computer Science and Statistics. I just did a certification for AWS, Certified Solutions Architect – Associate I did a project with professor [Arnold Rosenbloom](http://www.cs.toronto.edu/~arnold/) for a new course in UTM [CSC409 – Scalable Computing](https://student.utm.utoronto.ca/calendar/course_detail.pl?Depart=7&Course=CSC409H5) Mostly deal with: - Computing: Apache Spark, CUDA - Database: Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis - Container: Docker, Kubernetes - Some Online platform: AWS, GCP Still working on it, It’s fun.

BTW, this is a really simple serverless website on S3. I will write a tutorial on how to build one yourself later.